Coffee & Concussion Discussion

The conversation around concussions has been on the forefront of healthcare and sports for the past several years. Doctors for a variety of practices, are finding that the previous research and aftercare for concussions may have been short-sighted. Join us in discussing what concussions are, what the short and long-term effects may be, and what you can do to treat them to avoid long-term issues. This class is for all ages and encouraged for parents and coaches of athletes.


After reviewing the client’s health history and goals for the session, the client starts either sitting or lying down on a traditional massage table,¬†wearing comfortable, stretchy clothes. The therapist will gently support or manipulate certain parts of the body from the feet up to the head, including extremities, allowing the body to release tension or “unwind” the muscle and fascia that encases it. The therapist may also perform a visceral unwinding as well; which means the therapist is releasing tensions in and around the organs of the abdomen and/or thoracic cavity.

Plan on wearing stretchy, loose fit clothes to allow for mobility.

Releasing these blockages in our lives allows us to sleep better, work more productively, and live fearlessly!

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